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Peter Pan -The Musical

We are back!! and are searching for our next group of creative minds to audition for Peter Pan!

Grab your fairy dust and fly your way over to our email to book yourself an audition for Saturday 25th 2021

We are so excited to get started, and we hope you are too! check out the pictures below for all the information.

audition notice.jpg
black aarow.png

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All money raised from our performances/projects will be donated to Great Ormond Street Hospital


Welcome Everyone!

2021 is finally the year that Regeneration Theatre Project gets to shine. 

We are happy to announce that we have a bunch of amazing projects coming over the next year or two, and are excited that we get to share them with you!


so keep an eye on our social media and on here for new announcements. 

Don't forget that our projects are made by you for you and your community, so come and get involved by clicking the Join Us button at the top of the page!

!Let The Performing Begin!